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Curandera Eyes - the First Online Course Geared towards ending the Suffering for you and Everyone Else in the World.

As more and more people feel called to end their own suffering, the natural ways of healing and curing oneself are coming back to center stage.  Plant medicine from the Earth as well as connecting to your Highest Self, your Soul can heal any physical ailment.  One heals by aligning with their Soul and being of open heart.  If Western medicine is not going to open their eyes to this fact, that all humans have a soul and require the knowledge and care of this Soul to be completely well then Western Medicine may go extinct.


This course teaches you how to heal yourself, and heal others by seeing this world through the eyes of a Curandera.  A Curandera is someone who has spent they life listening to the Rhythm of the Earth and her natural cycles.  Someone who respects all life and prays to God for Healing, and Guidance knowing that God is the only one that can truly heal us.

This very special, very timely online course will give you 8 weeks to sync deeply into practices that hold you, remind you and guide you into a suffering free life, where you can then share that gift of Peace with others.  You do not need to know what herbs to use or what methods, all you need to know is how to surrender and be guided, as everyone you touch or pray for will likely need their own unique remedy.

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