Star Seed Alchemy

Star Seed Coaching

I create an alchemical container for the two of us to hold space around what you wish to create in your life at this time.  Whatever it is you want to expand into, whatever special gifts you with to polish, Psychic or otherwise, whatever healings you wish to experience they are all available at this time.


The container will give your higher self a platform to sync up with your human nature while you discover deeper ways of knowing your multidimensional.  We will have opportunities to awaken and real light codes for your DNA upgrades, we will be able to amplify and birth what you desire within your heart. 


I will suggest readings, give zoom teachings and we will have Divine Matrix Sessions within the 6 week Container.  You will complete the 6 week initiation knowing and feeling a deeper connection to the unseen worlds, higher teachings and tools to get your heart aligned and mind surrendered.


If you wish to learn more we can schedule a 15 minute sit down and share deeper about what we both offer.


To book a 15 minute connection with me email me at and we can get t scheduled.


Exchange: $1777