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My writings are channeled from higher places, places where the realities flout seamlessly into ever expanding creative downloads.  Each book was medicine for me in such a profound way I felt called to share that with the world.  My first International Best-Selling Book “Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self-Empowerment” is a step by step guide that reminds you of your power to see the magic in any situation. 


Did you know you can program your mind to work anyway you wish?  Your thoughts are enchantments for new realities and if you learn to direct your thoughts you can literally create anything.


This Book you see here is a Living Codex, A Visionary text to Awaken your Ascended Mastery.  The New Earth is here, we are All Ascending and the words in this book are coded in Light Language to Awaken your DNA and create a Pathway for you to Walk back to the Power Inside of Yourself.

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I also live in other galactic worlds where beings teach me new ways of life.  When the Spirits of Psilocybin came to me and asked me to write about their mission and why they are here for us now, I hunkered down and channeled the book.  “Psilocybin Transmissions, Psilocybin’s Love Wisdom to Heal our Planet” is the perfect read for 2020.  It shines a light on the power of love and how we can remember how to fully live in a state of love.

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