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Alchemy Channeled from the stars


Prayer filled and topped with stardust

I Started White Fox™️ back in 2007 as my Holistic Health practice where I did massage, reiki, readings and other herbal alchemy.  I began to add in Cannabis and CBD and made my clients custom herbal formulations specific for their healing.  I noticed quickly that Cannabis and CBD can really speed up healing when you add other herbs…

During a weekend in Mount Shasta I was listening to the mountains and she said to me, “Ask…” I heard her, then questioned what I heard.  She spoke again, “Ask…” This time I knew she was speaking and I began to breathe into her vibrations.  I went inside and listened.  “Ask what?’ I responded internally.  “Ask how you can serve the people…” She whispered into my heart.

I was intrigued.  I breathed into my belly and said from my heart, “Universe what can I do to serve the people?” it wasn’t but a second later flashes of symbols and vibrations swept my body followed by the names of herbs and a measurement.  I quickly wrote down the formula and when I got back to Sonoma County that week I went into my kitchen to play around with what had been shown to me.  It was the Tranquility Tincture and each symbol that floated around that formulation held the soothing grace of a whale gliding through the ocean with a fierce relaxation.

The plant spirits involved with the Tranquility Alchemy showed me how humans are stuck in fight or flight in their nervous system and the technology, fast paced life along with global pressure was spinning people out.  They had no more access to their heart space and their nervous systems were fried on a global scale.  The only way out of this PTSD for all the people was to heal their nervous system, coat their nerves with a soothing glow of alchemy and allow the heart to reactivate.

My mission became clear that day in March 2015.  I was to start listening to these plant spirits and asking what I can do to serve the people, and each time they give me a new formulation and why it’s here for us all.  That is what White Fox is. It’s a multidimensional temple where transmissions come through, alchemy births out of and honoring for all us put first and foremost.

We have expanded into an entire herbal alchemy line, CBD with herbs, Cannabis with ancient Ayurvedic remedies and much more.

Our CBD and Herbal Alchemy site is

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