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Become one with the Wild of Nature

Following Star and Earth Wisdom, the Spirit of the Horse and the Joy of Life.

About Me

As a Spiritual Catalyst for Evolution, Scarlet Ravin has been traveling the world for over 20 years studying with many different teachers from all walks of life.  Her inner drive to Enlightenment has shed Light on many topics helpings others heal themselves and find Harmony in their Life.  As an International Best Selling author, and founder of White Fox Medicinals, Scarlet now resides on an expansive Horse Ranch guiding others through Earth Medicine, Star Filled Alchemical Formulas and teaching via an online School "Curandera Eyes."

Scarlet works with Medicine Horses, horses that have special needs or have been long forgotten due to their deep trauma.  These horses can unlock much healing for humanity, and her mission is to show the world the importance of Medicine Horses at this time. with her newly launching book, "Medicine Horse Speaks."

Her way of moving through this world is a dance between the old shamanic Curandera ways and the new Light from the Stars coming into our Earth at this time.  If you seek remembrances of who you truly are, that is what Scarlet is here for at this time.


Love is all there is.

11 years ago part of my consciousness left my body and returned to the Star from which I came via a breath-work session.  Since this time I have been living here on Earth with part of my Awareness on my home Star bringing Ancient Wisdom and Fun back to Planet Earth!

I am here on a mission to leave duality, enter into Unity in the Human body and shine that fun light forth for all to experience!  This has never been done on Earth before, and me and many other Star Beings are enjoying the Process of Creating Heaven on Earth!

I created White Fox Medicinals to share this Star Light with the world via Earth Medicine!

As My Vision expands, I offer you this Channel to SHOW you how I live.


Herbal Alchemy Swirling with CBD
Ailm Cure Youth Alchemy 2.png


Becoming one with the Earth and Stars once again

The Prayer-Filled Vision

Each moment I live the life of my dreams, at one with Mother Earth and all her creatures, plants, and bugs.  This life has Inspired me to share each moment I capture with you, with the Vision that you too become Inspired to live your life in Oneness with Mother Earth and all her creatures.  Wholeness, Joy, and Peace naturally arise from this way of life.

May this channel INPIRE YOU!  HEAL YOU! and fill you with LOVE!

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