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Star Play...Unconditional Love Capsule

I will read messages from your higher self to you while you ask questions or seek clarity on what you feel called to share

About Me

Star Seed Alchemist Spirit with an eye for the unseen I spend my time with my animals, nature and the fully active spirit world that seems to expand my horizons.The time on this planet happens to be one of many great opportunities if one is willing to step up to the Soul Plate.  Our unlimited potential can be realized, not by setting hard goals, but by sinking deep into the universal river of authenticity that carries you deeper into your full expansion.

I offer myself to you as a Guide, Hollow Bone for Spirit, Alchemist and Tantrika who is lovingly dedicating to constant expansion in these topics and sharing those gifts with you all.


Star Portal

Portal home to our star origins, allow the information on this website to take you on a journey back to your full illumination.  Prepare yourself for the multi-dimensional reality your soul craves, the juicy sensuality your deepest desire sparks for and pathways back into your Star Mother’s arms.

Scarlet Ravin will share Live Transmissions from Galaxies beyond through Recorded Meditations, Star Portal Video’s and Medicinal Alchemy via her Soul Baby White Fox..

Alchemy Channeled from the stars

CBD Star Filled Herbal Alchemy by White Fox