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Medicine Horse Retreats

Following God's Wisdom, the Spirit of the Horse and the Joy of Life.

About Me

Horses have aligned with my greatest Joys since as far as I can remember.  After almost 20 years of traveling, seeking and gathering Medicine to share with this world, I have now grounded into my greatest creation.  Medicine Horse Retreats.  Following the wisdom from God, the quiet guidance of nature while sharing all of my White Fox Medicine with the people I will soon be offering Retreats on my private land.  

These will be the first ever Medicine Horse Retreats, where you will get to spend Time with one of my Horses and see what you Soul looks like from their eyes.

For now, feel blissed out to enjoy my White Fox Medicine Herbal creations along with my online programs.


Love is all there is.

The strongest Medicine I have yet to discover, and I have played with many a medicine, is the Love of God.  I began surrendering my life to the Will of God, and since this new chapter of discovery my life has blossomed into a state of Peace, Grace and the beauty of what already is.

Horses have joined me in my Healing adventures and with their help, the herbal formulations have gotten more potent.  We are in preparation to invite you to our land and experience many layers of Healing.

Herbal Alchemy Swirling with CBD
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