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Star Walker Ranch


Home of Medicine Horse Retreats™️

Listening to the Silent Communication of the Horse


When one can heighten their silent sensors and 'hear' what the horse is saying through unseen perceptions, that person will simultaneously come into alignment with their Soul.  They will feel a sense of Integrity that brings eternal peace and love.


This is why horses can heal and why so many people love to be around horses.  We are silently speaking to one another on the level of out Soul and we feel a Harmony emerge that is resonant with God.


Healing.  Coming Home.  Remembering why you are here right now.

This is how we meet our Horses here at Star Walker Ranch.  We listen and create space to hear what the horses are sharing with us and we move into Liberty Work, Doma India and other forms of Dancing.

One can become the most profound leader of our time by Being what they teach.  Horses teach us integrity, kindness, honesty, agility, and connection to our Soul.  Through these teachings we better ourselves as well as the entire world, as we are all connected.

We will be offering online courses as well as Healing Horse Medicine Retreats, Day Clinics as well as personal lessons.



If you are interested in feeling closer and even aligned with your Soul, Star Walker Ranch creates an opportunity to learn new ways of moving through the world embodied with a sense of Empowerment, Balance and Kindness.


To walk in Humble Peace with a Grateful Loving Heart is a huge medicine gift you can give the rest of the World, and yourself.


Would you like to join me in exploring this Potential?

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