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One of the most potent star remembrance medicines of this time has been Psilocybin, so I created a few avenues for people to be able to enjoy this vibrational upgrade in a safe and sacred way.

I always suggest you read the “Psilocybin Transmissions” book to understand the spiritual power of this medicine, and be able to really harness your upgrade in a divine way.

LOVE DROPS are my heart centered alchemical creation to awaken more juicy love in one’s heart while also healing the entire physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies.  The herbal alchemy is so potent that your brain will be rewired into higher vibrational brain waves, which will then awaken deeper healing magic for your body mind and soul and eventually you’ll be floating down the river of bliss back into full Star remembrance.  Life was never meant to be hard, and frustrating.  It’s meant to be joyful, pleasure filled and glorious! 

Love Drops_2.jpg
Psilocybin Euphoria White_2.png


In the channeled book I speak to having a deeper dive experience, so I also created a chocolate alchemy that will induce a state of euphoria for you to explore yourself.  When you dive deep inside on this medicine your able to really float into all of your own glory and feel the depth of love that is always available inside of your heart.


These squares are 1 gram and full of other herbs with zero sugar and chanting vibrations infused into the process.

Please email me to find out about this Psilocybin Medicine and see if it’s right for you!

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