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Scarlet's newest novel...

Medicine Horse Speaks

Horses have long been revered for their freedom, wild Spirit, and ability to help humanity evolve.  We have now entered into an era where the Medicine Horse is here to serve the Spiritual Awakening of Humanity, and I am here to tell that tale.

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I look at horses like a sacred ancient text that has layers of insight that could expand one's awareness in this lifetime to heal and excel them on their spiritual path.  Horses have a unique ability to stay in the frequency of unconditional love, and if we allow a horse to be a horse and we honor them for the gifts they bring, they offer this vibrational frequency back to us that can upgrade us instantly into higher states of awareness.


My mission on this planet is to share with you all the power of the Medicine Horse.  There are many different kinds of horses in this world that offer humans the ability to accomplish their equestrian goals.  There is also an entirely separate category of horses that are most widely known as the unwanted and forgotten.  These are the horses that people surrender to kill lots, horse rescues, and sanctuaries.  They are the horses that don’t fit into the human equestrian goal focus.  I am here to give a voice for these horses


These horses want you to know that they have numerous hidden gifts inside of them even if you can’t ride them, or run them around a barrel.  You can connect to higher states of the Divine through them by healing hurt inner states inside of you.  When a human comes into contact with a Medicine horse, and both the human and the horse has had the same trauma or wounding, that emotional, mental and spiritual release will happen almost instantly.


You could drop to your knees in tears healing pain from lifetimes ago once you make eye contact, as these horses seem to be a ruler in the land of the unseen.

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